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How long do I have to complete my course? Do I need to take the entire course in one sitting?

Courses are offered in an open enrollment format. You can register at any time and complete courses at your own pace. You do not need to take the course in one sitting.

Access to your course will start at the time of purchase and all courses must be completed by the end of your access period. Course access lasts for 6 months from purchase for all individually purchased courses as well as all courses that are part of a School Food Institute Certificate (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).

Where can I get information on what I will learn in a School Food Institute course?

Each course has an informational page, accessible from https://www.schoolfoodinstitute.org/course-catalog/, where you will find a course description, learning objectives, and a course outline that lists the lectures available in each course.

I don’t need USDA professional standards credits. Can I still take the course?

All School Food Institute courses align with USDA professional standards learning objectives, but you do not have to be a school foodservice professional to take the courses. If you do not need USDA credits, you can still enroll in any School Food Institute course. You will still receive a course completion certificate.

Can I access my online course from my phone or tablet?

For the best learning experience, we recommend you log in to School Food Institute courses on devices with larger screens such as desktops, laptops, tablets or Plus sized smart phones. However, all courses are compatible with mobile devices. To access School Food Institute courses on your Apple IOS, or Google Android mobile devices, download the appropriate Moodle Mobile App from any of the following App Stores:

Apple iTunes Store

Google Play Store

Microsoft Windows Store


Once the Moodle Mobile App is successfully installed, type in https://learn.schoolfoodinstitute.org, and then type the username and the password you created when registering.

Are there scholarships available?

School Food Institute offers several scholarship opportunities to food service professionals. Click here. to learn more about available scholarships or to donate to your scholarship fund.

If you are a school foodservice professional working in Colorado, your course enrollment is free of charge, thanks to the Colorado Health Foundation.

How do I use Chef Ann Cooper’s office hours?

When you are enrolled in a School Food Institute course, you will have access to Office Hours with Chef Ann. Office Hours are by appointment and will be held over the phone in 15 minute periods. Once you are logged in to your course, navigate to the “Office Hours” section for more info and to fill out the questionnaire.

I want to register a group for a School Food Institute course. Is there a discounted rate for group registrations?

There are discounted rates available for groups or staff teams enrolling in a School Food Institute course together. Please see https://www.schoolfoodinstitute.org/usda-professional-standards/ for a list of discounted rates.

Are the courses available in other languages?

Yes! Spanish subtitles and a full Spanish transcript are available in each video lecture. To learn more about Spanish subtitles, see the Spanish Translations page.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

A certificate of completion is generated when you complete any School Food Institute course. Please keep this certificate for your records if you need to verify your attendance for tracking your annual training hours. This certificate will be available in the lefthand menu of your School Food Institute account once you have completed the course.

What is the difference between a certification and a certificate of completion?

A certificate of completion is generated when you complete any School Food Institute course. A School Food Institute certificate is awarded if you complete the requirements for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze certificate. Your Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate will be mailed to you once all of the courses required are complete. Please allow six weeks for your certificate to arrive. Please see https://www.schoolfoodinstitute.org/certificate-program/ for the requirements of each School Food Institute certificate level.