Ingredients for Healthier Kids

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Includes 366 days access

Course Overview

Course Description

This course covers seven main areas: protein, sugars, preservatives, colors and dyes, hormones and antibiotics, processed grains, and pesticides/herbicides. We’ll look at the health effects of each of these categories and how to fully eliminate harmful additives or make smart choices regarding the quantity and quality of ingredients. Dr. Julia Nordgren, MD joins us to discuss how what we eat affects our bodies while Chef Ann explains how to select healthy ingredients during procurement and in the kitchen. To enroll yourself, simply add the course to your cart and check out.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Strategically minimize or eliminate additives, added sugars, and processed foods from school menus.
  2. Understand the health and environmental impacts of using hormones, antibiotics,
    pesticides, and herbicides in our food systems and make educated procurement decisions when ordering meats and produce.
  3. Recognize the difference between whole grains and processed grains and understand why
    whole grains are a healthier option.
  4. Understand how artificial colors/dyes and preservatives in processed foods affect our
    bodies and use ingredient labels to select products that are free of these additives.
  5. Understand the health implications of consuming excessive quantities of animal protein
    and added sugars and how to reduce these ingredients in school meals.

USDA Codes

  • 1130
  • 1320
  • 2430
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